Monday, December 2, 2013

Vimpel Till Flaggstang

Fiberglass Flagpoles are the best Flagpoles among their class. The reason is its durability, protection from weather, anti conductivity, less maintenance. But how such normal appearing thing can prove to be such a miracle? The answer lies in its composition and the arrangements of chains in its atoms.

Fiberglass or Glass Reinforced plastic is a kind of Polymer that is made from thick fibers of Glass and plastic. It is less stiff because of the spaces between the linking chains and hence doesn’t break down in High Wind Velocity. Fiberglass Flagpoles are extremely light as compared to aluminum and steel Flagpoles, cheaper than them and the bulk capacity are also stronger than the others.

The rolled shape of pole also helps to withstand high level of pressure from both downside and upside. The temperature at which it is build also makes it resisted from the warping and other effects that make it corrode.

In fact fiberglass from which flagpoles are made is actually just a little bit stronger than carbon fiber and less stiff than it. In this way it proves to be better than Carbon Fiber too because it has to deal with movements continuously with high tenderness.

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